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System Solutions

Human Resource Management Systems

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is an information system developed to administer a company’s computerized and automated human resource processes. It is a blend of hardware and software possessions that hosts and provides HR department's business logic.

OrangeHRM | Human Resource Management Systems Developers

OrangeHRM is a famous open-source Human Resource Management System for small and midsize businesses, that helps them to encompass the entire employment lifecycle, from onboarding to termination. OrangeHRM Human Resource Management System solution (HRMS) is utilized by a plethora of organizations including top names such as RedHat, Duke University, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

OrangeHRM Human Resource Management System (HRMS) includes a full suite of applications for comprehensive human capital management: core HR, time and attendance, candidate recruiting, performance reviews, absence management, benefits administration and more.

OrangeHRM can be implemented both on premise or in the cloud to meet the requirements of companies in a range of industry, including real estate, finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, education and others.

All OrangeHRM Human Resource Management System (HRMS) modules are merged in single platform allowing organizations to customize and streamline their Human Resource Management processes in line with business goals. Additionally, firms can also try OrangeHRM Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Live SaaS solution for HR management necessities.

HRMWage is a Cloud-based, easy-to-use, robust Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to perform multiple HR jobs. HRMWage is a mobile friendly Human Resource Management System (HRMS) with features such as Automatic Attendance Tracking, Automatic Document Verification, Paperless Onboarding, Payroll Management and Remote Check-In Facilities.

Salon and Spa Management Systems

Salonist is a Salon and Spa Management System that empowers you with smart features like inventory, finances, POS, analytics, etc. Salonist is a powerful and fast Salon and Spa Management System specially made for Massage and Spa centers to take care of every aspect of their business.

Salonist Salon and Spa Management System offers online Appointments and Salon Spa Package Management. This Salon and Spa Package Management System can be utilized by Health Clinics to manage their appointments as well.

Salonist Salon and spa management system is a web-based salon management application precisely designed to support salons, pools, and spas manage their businesses.

The software provides an end-to-end solution for handling all aspects of Salon and spa management operations, such as scheduling, stock taking, accounting and more.

The ultimate goal of such software is to improve the efficiency of business operations and interactions with customers.

Employees involved in the business can see a summery of the day’s appointments by logging into Salon and spa management system, allowing them to excel in planning out day to day tasks. Beauty treatment businesses implement a salon and spa management systems to ensure day-to-day tasks are digitalized and logged, making it possible for back-office employees to easily see trends and put in place administrative procedures that will improve the services their clients receive.

Web 3.0 Systems

Web 3.0 DApps , which is based on blockchain technology, is the decentralized internet of the future. There will be no command and control from a central location. The internet will be governed by AI and machine learning algorithms. Web 3.0 will be powered by smart contracts, which will be a semantic web managed by machines with no central authority.

Web3.0 is the next evolutionary step for the World Wide Web, representing a fundamental change in how data is shared and used. Whereas the original World Wide Web was based on static documents, Web3.0 is based on decentralized applications that allow for enhanced security, privacy, and interoperability.

The key technology underlying Web3.0 is Solidity, a programming language for developing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Solidity is similar to JavaScript but has been specifically designed for creating smart contracts. It is therefore well-suited for developing decentralized applications that require tamper-proof functionality.

In the simplest terms, a decentralized application (dApp) is an application that is run by multiple computers in a peer-to-peer network rather than a single computer. dApps are not controlled by any single entity and thus provide a higher level of security and transparency than traditional applications. There are a number of advantages to using blockchain technology for dApps. First and foremost, blockchain technology provides a level of security and transparency that is impossible to achieve with traditional applications. By logging all transactions on the blockchain, it is impossible to tamper with or delete data without being detected.

Invoice Management Systems

QuickInvoicer Invoice Management System allows businesses to organize expenses, control cash flows. Some of the features of this incredible software are one-click reporting, paperless receipt tracking and automation of spending. QuickInvoicer Invoice Management System generates professional invoices, quotes, and statements.

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